1.Q: What do you mean by Watts, lumens and lamp efficiency?

A. Watts measure how much power a lamp uses, while light output is measured in lumens. Efficiency can thus be calculated in terms of lumens per Watt. Light sources differ in their efficiency ratings, meaning that the amount of power used does not necessarily reflect the amount of light emitted. Even LED products can vary in their efficiency, and are becoming increasingly efficient as technology develops. Traditional light sources such as halogen and incandescent lamps produce light through heating a filament, so most of the energy used in these lamps is wasted as heat. LEDs product light in a different way and do not produce as much heat, making them much more energy efficient.

2.Q: How should I install low voltage LED products?

A. All low voltage (12V DC) products should be operated with a suitable LED driver. When retrofitting low voltage LED products, the transformer must be replaced with a suitable LED driver.

3.Q: What is colour temperature?

A. V-TAC offer lamps in warm, cool and natural white with colour temperatures measured in Kelvin (K). The lower the colour temperature is, the warmer the light given by the LED: Warm white = 2800-3500K Natural white = 4000K Cool white = 5000K+ Warm white creates a lighting scheme that more closely matches the light given by traditional halogen or incandescent lamps, while cool white creates a lighting effect which appears closer to daylight, with natural white light creating an effect that lies somewhere in between these.

4.Q: Are flexible LED strips easy to install?

A. Yes, they are easy to install. In most cases you just plug the power supply in to the controller/dimmer (which then connects to the LED strip), and then plug the power supply into a normal outlet.

5.Q: Can I use your strips on my car, truck, motorcycle, or boat?

A. Yes, most of our controllers and strips are 12V DC so you can connect them straight to your battery (we recommend a 3-5A fuse in-line after the battery).

6.Q: Does the power supply have to be close to the lights?

A. No. You can run low voltage wire/control cable up to 50 feet in most cases. But keep in mind the longer the run the more voltage drop you will have and while it can be hard to notice with LED lights they may not be as bright as they could be if they were shorter runs On long runs and using the RGB strips set to white you may notice a change in the color temp the farther you go from the power supply so keep it short or use larger wire if you have long runs.

7.Q: I already have a 12V DC power supply - can I use it?

A. Yes, any 12V DC power supply will work as long as the output rating is high enough for the length of strip you are trying to connect to it (for a 5' strip you would need at least a 1000mA or 1A or 12w DC power supply). You can always use a larger power supply than what is needed. However, a power supply which is too small may cause your lights to be dim or flash on/off; it may also kill the power supply. For LEDs we recommend a switching mode power supply as opposed to a heavy magnetic transformer, as switching mode power supplies have a regulated output voltage that doesn't change based on input voltage

8.Q: You said that the lights are dimmable. Can I use my existing dimmer switch?

A. No. The power supplies are not made to be dimmed- it will damage them. The strips, however, can be dimmed by using any one of our PWM dimmers or controllers placed between the power supply and the strip.

9.Q: What is your warranty policy?

A. 24 months, A warranty begins when you purchase an item from a dealer, either from a store or online. All warranties must be handled through the store or company online from whom the item was bought.

10.Q: How long will it take to get my order?

A. In most cases, your order will ship the same or next day and most shipping options take 1 business day for delivery within UK and 3-6 days for delivery in Europe